(by Murray)
Grundtvig’s church in Denmark

I’m going to Wimbledon tomorrow; very excited. 


The oldest Inn in England……. by Beta ~ man on Flickr.

Got home from my first year of University yesterday. I’m going to miss Nottingham.

Can I just point out this blog to you - “Women fighters in reasonable armour”. 
Warrior women who battle the bad guys, and scant. 

“…once you are Real you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.”
- The Velveteen Rabbit

I sometimes get a tiny glimpse of understanding of this idea and it makes me feel dizzy. I will never not exist.  



During the fledgling age of portrait photography, it was of the utmost importance for the subjects to stay still for a period of time. Obviously since this would be difficult for children, their mothers were brought in for the portrait.
For reasons I cannot fathom, it was common for the mothers to be covered in cloth or a curtain. These fabric- covered matriarchs were jokingly referred to as ‘Ghost Mums’.

We were talking about this, Foca…

“I am a chair. I will win the Hunger Games.”